Two Tom's

There are two Tom's on (and in) Earth that I'm not a big fan of. Neither of them are allowed to read my blog. Thank you for your time.


Santos L. Halper's Dark Mild Ale

Yesterday was brew day at Earth and it was my turn to come up with the recipe. This is my first one so I hope it comes out well. We needed something we could put out quick so we did a real small mild - should be around 3.5% ABV. The base was all pale and pils 50/50, with some caramel, pale chocolate, and a little touch of smoked malt. We used East Kent Goldings exclusively, which were added at 60, 30, and 15 left in the boil. Gonna ferment it warm so, if all goes as planned, there will be a nice yeasty fruitiness mixed in with the sweet darker malts and the earthy hops. If all goes as planned.

We just tapped the Schuylkill Bitter the other day and it is freaking fantastic. 5.5% ABV so I guess it is kinda extra and a little bit special. As far as homebrewing is concerned, I'm still just too busy and broke to brew for now, but that will change real soon. I'm gonna just go nuts and do a few big batches I think. Old Ale? Barleywine? Big Ol' Belgian? Maybe even a big lager? Who knows.