The Happening - You have been warned.

I know I said the blog is gonna be more beer focused, and I will be posting updates very soon on that, but I just had to warn all my friends.

I saw the new flick The Happening from M. Night Smilingman (I'll be damned if I'm attempting to spell his name), and let me just say it turned me into M. Night Frowningman. You want to know the twist? The big surprise ending? You kill yourself out of boredom.


We Made It..

Just to update - we made it. The move went well, just a bit longer than anticipated. Pretty much everything is unpacked now, we're getting settled in, and finally got the internet. The Comcast man was a mere 22 hours late for his appointment, and upon calling and bitching 7 times, I got $205.50 in credits. BOOM! Anyhoo, I'm still in training at Earth, and we're expecting to be open next week. Holy shit does the line-up look awesome! 4 house beers (mild, pale ale, biere de garde, rachbier), 8 guest taps (Victory, Sly Fox, One Guy, Dock Street, Philadelphia Brewing, Allagash and more), and a bunch of fantastic bottles which I've barely glimpsed. Food seems great, wine seems great, and Tom & Peggy are good people. I will keep the blog updated...