Top 7 Things I'm Going to Miss about Indiana PA

I was going to make it top 10, but I couldn't come up with 10 things I like about this town. Gee, I wonder why I'm moving.

7. Tandoor - Great Indian food at decent prices. I love the staff - they always crack me up. The menu is diversified, with choices from all different regions of India, including some of the best Rogan Josh I've ever had. And, hey, let's not forget the Peshwari Naan. Perfect.

6. Country Roads - City ain't got 'em, and I love 'em. Nothing better than a long peaceful drive through the mountains.

5. Yarnick's Farm Market - I love this place. Their produce is fresh and delicious, the prices fair, the staff friendly, the herb garden amazing and the corn is the best around. Don't forget the cheap beef liver, heart, and tongue!! 98 cents a pound for guts that good is unbelievable.

4. Our Apartment - Some of my best memories are in this place. I was really sad to say goodbye to it for the last time.

3. Capri Pizza - Best pizza in Indiana. I'm gonna miss the buffalo pizza terribly. They are the nicest guys, and they love making great pizza.

2. Commonplace Coffeehouse - Best coffee in Indiana. TJ is really passionate about coffee, and his product makes that very clear. From the clover to the ristretto shots of espresso, this place will be sorely missed.

1. Indiana PA Homebrewers Club - Best dudes in Indiana. You guys rock, and you are by far the ones I'm going to miss the most. Good luck with everything. I will be back for a meeting as soon as possible.


...I've been a lazy blogger. Sorry. But I'm back, and hopefully with a bit of a vengeance. First, and most importantly, we are finally moving. Tomorrow, actually. We're going to be living in West Mt. Airy, which is right next to Chestnut Hill in Philadelphia. We got a great apartment in a great area for a great deal with a great landlord. Secondly, this Monday I start training at Earth Bread + Brewery, which is on Germantown Ave in Philly. The owners are Tom & Peggy, formerly of Heavyweight brewing in Jersey. This could shape up to be a hell of an opportunity for me. Third, I haven't brewed in a long time, but plan on brewing much more extensively once in Philadelphia. I'm definitely starting the long and arduous journey into the world of wild yeasts. Look for some Flanders Reds, Oud Bruins, Lambics, sour Saisons, and much more. I will keep the blog updated on all that for sure.

I will be posting again real soon. If anyone comes down towards Philly and doesn't call me, I will be heartbroken.