Muckney Brewing Batch XI Dark IPA

Justin & Dave (aka Muckney Brewing) brewed this bad boy. For being a hop hater, I've done nothing but praise hoppy beers on this blog. This one's no different. I love it. Fantastic color with a rich, froth beige head. Hoppy as all get out, but a wonderful strong roasty character to balance it all out. Freaking delicious guys. These two cats continue to blow my socks off. I really enjoyed the Dark & Mysterious Cinnamon Porter, surprisingly enough. You two just keep stepping it up. Can't wait to try the Red and, even more so, the RIS.

Sorry I missed the tasting tonight. I'm mostly apologizing to my taste buds. To be perfectly, 100% honest, I just wanted to spend a relaxing evening at home with Autumn. And I did. And it was just what I needed.

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David said...

Thanks for the shout out, yo! Glad you enjoyed it.