Ok I Have No Freaking Clue What a Blog Is

So, yeah, I'm kinda lost right now. Who are you people? What's a blog, anyways? I'm just gonna try this shit out, and I'll probably give up in roughly 2 weeks. Best case scenario, this will be a place for me to rant and rave beer and food and music and other things I give a crap about. But something tells me laziness will win.. again.

First order of business - I don't hate hops. I just hate when that's all you can taste in a beer. I figured the title "Confessions of a Hop Hater" would draw people in. In fact I'm drinking a Nugget Nectar right now, and I'm enjoying it. It's great! The more I drink this beer, the more I like it. Strong citrus and floral notes, but enough of a spicy, caramel malt and alcoholic heat to back it up. I think it was released a little too early, because right now it's drinking better than ever. Still not as good as that first batch of bottles though.. They still haunt my dreams.

Secondly - Charon Don. Listen to him. He's good. My friend Joe turned me on to him. I think he beats Wiz's skills by a long shot.

Third - I brewed tonight. Well first off, I racked my plain old American stout to secondary, and added 1 quart of coffee from a cold toddy, made out of a pound of Commonplace Celebes (thank you TJ). I got the inspiration from Nate's Commonplace Coffee Porter, which was, hands-down, the best coffee beer I've ever had. After that, I brewed a Tripel, which was loosely based on a St. Feuillien Tripel clone. Juniper berries, sweet orange peel, coriander seeds, and grains of paradise. Hell yeah! I forgot to add this last night - O.G. was 1.096. Holy shit, huh?

Fourth - Rochefort 8. My boy Karel shared a bottle of this with me tonight. It's been probably 4 years since I've had this beer, and I forgot something. It's the fucking bomb.

And finally - What the fuck am I doing? Has it come to this? BLOGGING? My god.. I never thought I'd see the day. First myspace, then facebook, now this nonsense. At this rate, I'll be blowing dudes for cash in less than 2 years. Eh - it is what it is, right?



Justin said...

Dude, it's ok. Sometimes cash is tight.

Nate said...

Welcome to the blogosphere