Hey General Lafayette!!

I've been to most of the brewpubs in the area by now, and I think I can say that you are my favorite local brewpub. Congratulations!! I make this statement not just based on the beer, but also the food, atmosphere, and service. I'm glad to see lots of Belgians on at any given point. Last night there was a "berry lambic" on draft. Hell yeah!! It's so nice to see something like this brewed locally, and it was delicious. Also on was the Economizer, a 3.4% brew made from the second runnings on an IPA, which was dead on. Another thing that's great to see here - low ABV brews that are well made. Lafayette has the best house-made brews in the area I dare say. The building is fantastic and the ghost stories are even better. Ask any server and they will tell you one! The service is always great, except for last night which was the first time I've gotten bad service there. The bartender was rude and cold and probably said about 5 words to us. We went in just for dessert and it was excellent. Their food is always fresh, simple, well prepared, and most importantly, delicious!!

Oh yeah, and I'm brewing today. Just doing a 2.5 gallon batch to dip my feet in the proverbial all-grain waters. God knows how it's going to turn out. The base is 50/50 acidulated and pils malt. Like 5% aromatic and 1.5% chocolate went in as well. Lightly hopped (of course) though I may spice it. Golden Monkey yeast for primary, and hopefully I can keep it plenty warm.

That's all for now.