Ich Bin Ein Imprssed!!

Anyone? Anyone? Anyways we had Nodding Head Ich Bin Ein Berliner Weisse at Earth and I was pumped to get to try another example of the style. Every Berline Weisse I've had was delicious and this one was no exception. Tart, funky, sour, well carbonated, incredibly quaffable, and coming in at only 3.5% - great, great stuff. Nodding Head makes some awesome beers and this one was the best I've had from them. Didn't like it as much with the woodruff syrup though...

I really hope I get to see some more Berliner Weissebiers in the near future. What a great style!!

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Champurrado said...

OK, I'll bite, but only because I scanned your 2008 reading list and found many, many hits.

I'm just starting to appreciate the vast range of Malted grain/water/hops reinheitgebot arias available to all of us who live within the city.

We samples Weissebiers in Utah of all places just last month and the range and depth of flavors impressed us all.

Having shied away from German and Belgian yeast in my own home brewing (Yes, I am a casper Milktoast, fraidy scared brewer), I think maybe I might consider a Nodding Head Clone in the near future.