Oh McMenamin's How I Love Thee..

I was planning on going out to Teresa's Next Door in Wayne yesterday but those plans got shat all over when we got hit with that crazy snowstorm. So we decided instead to get some lunch around here and I'm sure glad we did. We met John (Earth's greatest bartender) for some grub and brews at McMenamin's, which is quickly becoming one of my favorite bars in the city.

The tap list was quite possibly the best I've seen it there - Obamagang, Old Guardian, Cape Ann Brewing's Fisherman's Doppelbock, Bacchus Flanders Red, La Trappe Quad, Founder's Double Trouble and some other great stuff I can't even remember. I opted for a Bacchus, which was an interesting Flanders Red. Very sharp and acidic in the mouth, but finishing clean with no tartness at all. Just last week they had Duchesse De Bourgogne on tap. 2 Flanders Reds in a row, what more could you want!?

For lunch I had one of the specials, turkey croquettes, which were simply amazing. The turkey was tender and delicious, the sauce perfect, and the side salad, which consisted of baby greens, craisins, pine nuts, and bacon, incredible. I ordered an Obamagang with my meal and it was stellar stuff. Roasted and chocolate notes stole the show and were balanced out perfectly by the subtle but delicious fruity esters of that marvelous Belgian yeast. It was slick and oily and sublime.

Afterward we went home, attempted to watch What Just Happened? starring De Niro, and fell asleep 20 minutes into it cause it was just terrible... The perfect way to spend a day off.

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