Iron Hill Phoenixville

We were in King of Prussia and didn't have a lot to do so we jumped on 422 and headed to Iron Hill in Phoenixville. They have a really nice location here overlooking the historic and scenic town. Inside is very chilled and relaxed. The tap list was great and style were all across the board. The standouts were their Saison, Tripel, Voodoo Lager and, in particular, Roggenbock, which was creamy, smooth, complex and drinkable. The food was a bit of a problem though. We got some dip, which was great, but the bread was teeth-breakingly hard. We also got some shrimp, which were delectable, but the rice on the side was simply not cooked the whole way through. All the flavors were great but it was dumb shit that kept us from really enjoying it. The beer was fantastic, the food not so much, but the service was good. I'm sure I'll be back.

Also, I forgot to add earlier, I got to try their 3 year old unblended lambic. It was really out of this world. Tons of acidic notes, with a long, dry, mouth-puckering finish. I wish they would've had bottles of this left.

I went home and polished off a 2005 bottle of their Old Ale, which was complex and fruity and interesting, but a bit past it's prime. I'm sure I'll be back.

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